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SMPLite, later known as Fixate, was a Survival Multiplayer Minecraft server running on Minecraft version 1.14.4. It was originally endorsed by CallMeCarson to be the official community server for SMPLive, but suffered numerous major issues causing it to eventually wither away and die. This archive contains practically everything there is to retain about SMPLite, including the very latest world files/save data, player data, plugin data, server configurations, archived Discord server(s), artwork, websites, and statistics. Out of all of these, the server configuration, plugins and world files have never been released to the public before now.

The structure of this archive is as follows:

NB: Archives of various software solutions developed for SMPLite, such as Eastwood, as well as various Velocity and Paper plugins, can be found in the archives of our old Gitea server.

In order to extract this backup, you will need a system (or virtual machine) running Linux and a copy of DwarFS. It is recommended to use either the dwarfsextract tool to extract all of the files at once or the dwarfs FUSE binary to read the files in-place without decompressing the whole archive. If you intend to use the pre-built binaries of DwarFS, your Linux installation will need to be using glibc. In other words, if you're using a Debian-based distro (such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint), or Debian itself, you will be fine.

To download a torrent, you need a torrent client. We recommend Deluge. Torrents may take a while to find peers, so if it isn't working for you, either wait a bit longer or try to find a different client.

Download: SMPLite.dwarfs.torrent

What even happened to SMPLite?

The story behind SMPLite's downfall was extremely complex. There are many factors one could attribute to it, such as: